Old wool never dies, it just gets felt up.

Willie and Waylon are Tracey's little rescued outlaws on the left.  We call them Chi-wannaknows... they are half Chihuahua  and half we wanna know!   These brothers have always been crazy, but it keeps them from going insane.  If you get that reference...you are AWESOME!

While passionate about hand-crafting wool creations, we are even more obsessed with our beloved dogs. All continue to inspire and act as silly muses for us.  Like proud parents, we like to bore people with our puppy pics...

2 Crazy Sisters

This last little cutie is Monique's Sweet Pea,  Annie.  She is a Blue Heeler born on a working cattle ranch. She missed the memo telling her that she isn't in charge of world! 

This handsome pound puppy is Cache;  believed to be a Shepard Mix.  He is Monique's handsome protector and his claim to fame is being called "bite-your-face-off-security."  Of course, he's the sweetest dog in the world to everyone who isn't trying to get through his front door or get too close to his Mama. 

Monique is the lefty on the right...Tracey is the righty on the left. 

We don't have a farm or goats... we just played like we did in this pic!

Bonnie and Clyde were the original inspiration for The Felted Dog.


About Us

The Felted Dog is the passion hobby of two (crazy) sisters from Pueblo, Colorado.  Tracey and Monique learned the love of crafts at an early age from their Granny and their mother.  They put on their first craft show well over twenty years ago. 

After random shows over the years, they started a hobby business called "Gone to the Dogs" in 2003 and concentrated on homemade gourmet dog treats inspired by two adorable Cocker Spaniels named Bonnie and Clyde.    

After taking a break, the crafting bug bit again in 2011.  By this time, the sisters weren't satisfied with just dog treats.  They wanted to explore their new obsession:  felted wool fiber.  So...The Felted Dog was born and soon became a less than obvious blend of fiber and dogs.  It made perfect sense to two perfectly crazy sisters.  

We have evolved to a purely "wooly" enterprise and discontinued the dog treats in 2014...we want to focus all our energies on all things fiber.  We keep the Felted Dog name as a nod to our handmade beginnings.

First, let us clear the air.....our fiber goodies are not made with dog hair!  We use mostly sheep's wool, but also alpaca when we can get  it at a good price.   In fact, it is our goal to create one-of-a-kind felted items that are affordable...sort of a "felt for the common man" kind of thing!  To keep our prices down and keep our items unique, we repurpose thrift store belts for the purse buckles and scour garage sales and antique stores for unique vintage buttons.

We use a couple of felting techniques to create our goodies.  All of the purses are hand crocheted and then "fulled" for the felted end product. Fulled basically means to shrink and agitate the project in hot water.  (WHO KNEW that when you shrunk your favorite sweater...you were actually felting!)  Tracey is the crochet queen...aka the happy hooker.  She is a prolific crocheter and can come up with amazing purse designs on the fly.

Monique is the needle-felter.  Needle felting is a technique that takes wool roving (the processed wool used in spinning) and a special needle with barbs.  The wool is poked with the needle and the fibers are fused together.  The more you poke, the more the wool forms into a shape.  You can actually sculpt with fiber...cool beans!

The final felting technique we use on occasion, is the repurposing of old wool sweaters and blankets.  Old wool blankets are transformed into dog tugs and old sweaters are shrunk into unique gift items, flowers and keepsakes.